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eccomerce solutions gold coastE-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions

We offer a full range of ecommerce solutions and web hosting packages designed to fit the needs of any ecommerce website. We have implemented all of the best shopping carts and feel that each client has individual needs so it is not a case of one size fits all.

There are a lot of choices for small businesses and individuals, and the software you should pick depends on what features you want. Shopping cart software can let you track and manage product inventory, fulfill and ship orders, maintain a product database, track sales, market to customers, maintain a loyalty program, use offline channels to sell, and even run a blog. The problem with such complex, do-it-all services, however, is that it’s tough to know how to evaluate them or even where to begin. Which is where we fit in- we can help and guide you through the multitude of options.

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Do you need someone like U.A.C Infotech to help you with your shopping cart website

This depends on how much extra work you as the small business owner want to put in to setup the store from scratch and in all honesty how many lessons you want to learn along the way. If you have never setup  your own merchant account and payment gateway and other must have features then you definitely don’t want to get it wrong and loose money along the way. Then there is the tax and shipping calculations that need to be configured.

A PayPal button on your website is a good first step, but if you want to operate an attractive, modern, online storefront on which people can shop day or night and have full confidence in, you really are better off using full-featured shopping cart software instead of trying to glue all the ecommerce parts together on your own. There are a lot of choices for small businesses, and the shopping cart software you should pick should depend on what features you want.

Shopping Cart Pricing

It’s hard to compare a shopping cart strictly based on price. Some hosted carts provide advanced features, but impose restrictions on transaction or bandwidth or restrict your options in relation to functionality and design,  while others limit what kind of features are available by price. Most shopping carts offer templates (also known as themes), but some may upsell popular ones into their premium packages, which means you will have to pay more for a good-looking site.

Important Shopping Cart Features

Each shopping carts will have its own strengths and weaknesses and some ecommerce solutions will be better  for selling physical goods, while others may be better at selling digital and virtual products, such as ebooks, file downloads or even services.  Some ecommerce solutions are very good at migrating data from an existing shopping cart or system. They handle bulk uploads for the product database, as well as moving customer and order history. If you aren’t setting up a brand-new storefront, you really need to look for shopping cart software with tools to help with the move.

You also want search engine optimisation (SEO) tools to help your website rank well in Google.   If you have an eBay store, or a Facebook page, having that offsite channel and social media integration will really help.

Don’t rely on documentation, tutorials, and forums for customer support. Those are great resources, but you should ideally be able to get someone on the phone, or at least on chat.

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